Industrial Funk

DateOct 2013
LocationRaffles Place, Singapore
ClientMintel Singapore

The brief came from our client who has an architectural background which made our job extremely easy. Most crucial elements such as layout, technical requirements and colour schemes were already well thought out. All we had to do was to put them together, refine, and reviewed the details before project execution. Selection of sub-contractors was a challenge as this project was to be carried out under strict supervision by the building management. There were several mandatory documentation requirements that has to be met even before we started the renovation and this took time and money, all of which were to be communicated promptly. During the renovation process, we had to work closely with multiple departments due to some proprietary equipment that needs to be installed. There were endless troubleshooting and testing, making sure that those equipment are working properly and setting up a system that allows for control remotely.

The break out spaces, pool table and karaoke system balances out the cold hard industrial key concept of the space, and, at the same time, reflect the character and culture of the company. Overall, it was extremely enjoyable to work on this project, especially when the client come and tells you they like the way it all turned out.